Roulette strategies

Roulette in casinos, being a mathematical and statistical game, presents a series of opportunities and advantages for those who use numbers to their advantage. In this way, users can follow certain strategies and ways to approach it to improve their odds. Here is a roulette strategy that normally works in online roulettes and the user can make sure for himself that the strategy works.

9 plenary strategy

When it comes to roulette, statistics and mathematical possibilities make it much easier to win and get good returns. This strategy is based on operating based on the mathematical possibilities that are presented in roulette, since this way we will put the possibilities in our favor.

It is about seeing the number that comes out and betting 9 times on that number. If the operation is successful, that is, the user gets a full for his bet, then he will continue to bet 9 times more on that full. If in the next 9 rounds the user loses, then he will change his strategy: he will bet the next 9 times on the number that came out in round number 10.

In other words, let’s say that in round 1 number 14 comes out. The user will bet 1 chip for 9 rounds on number 14, based on this strategy. If the plenary session is favorable, then for the next 9 rounds we will continue betting on number 14. Let’s say now that for 9 rounds this number does not come out, so in round 10 we will have the new number to bet on. If in this round the number 25 comes up, then the user will start his strategy of betting 1 chip for 9 rounds on the number 25 again.

How to test this strategy?

To see that this strategy is simple but effective, the user will be able to try their luck at virtual tables or online casinos, completely free of charge. Once you have tried this strategy for at least 50 or 100 hands, then you can start trading at roulette, substantially increasing your chances of success.