Play roulette on the internet

The term Roulette comes from the French “roulette”, whose meaning is “small wheel”. This game, so typical of all casinos, both online and real, has been played since at least the Middle Ages.

It is no wonder that a game that impacts by the magic of the spinning wheel, the apparent stillness of the center, the increase in speed as we move further away and the possibility of stopping at a random point, has spread so much throughout the centuries so that today there are hundreds of pages on the Internet where you can enjoy this online roulette game and totally free.

Originally roulette was used in circles of friends, and had only 36 numbers without zero. But when the Blanc brothers modified it, bringing it to what we know today, they were able to introduce it to the Monte Carlo Casino. They were profitable at last, truly leaving a considerable profit margin for the casino.

For this reason, roulette is one of the most popular games in a casino, and so many players look for it. Likewise, you can find this game for free on many websites, and delight in your favorite game.